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DevCad Cam Pro by the devCad Team


DevCad Cam Pro, CAM features added to DevCad Pro!

  • Using the new application DevCad Cam Pro you can draw your objects and create the machining file for a 3D milling machine within a single application.
  • The new application DevCad Cam Pro includes all the drawing features of DevCad Pro, and the management of CAM Projects.
  • Now you can in a very easy way to create a New CAD Project and import in it all the objects you need to machine, by Copying & Pasting them from a Cad Drawing.
  • You can then associate at these objects Toolpaths like Profiling (to cut objects), Area Clearance, Machine along Vector and Drilling.
  • Bridges: Bridging is a precautionary measure to prevent a profiled vector from shifting in the block of material as it is machined. You can add and manage Bridges in a very easy way with  DevCad Cam Pro.
  • Pre Drilling: Often machining like Profiling or Area Clearance use milling tools with poor abilities to make holes in the material. For hard materials the problem is also worste.
    Note that the tool must make a hole when he plunges in the block to begin a Working toolpath. You can add Pre Drilling to all the machining types, simply enable it in the bottom side of the Toolpath dialog. The Pre Drilling is a totally automatic toolpath. It will be created according to the Geometry of the object selected in the Toolpath (we call it often the Main toolpath to distinguish it from the Pre Drilling toolpath) and performed just before it. 
  • When creating a toolpath in devCad, it is necessary to select a tool with which to machine your model. A broad range of pre-defined tools can be selected from the Tool Database . You can add your own Tools or modify existing ones.
  • The integration between the Cad and the Cam workspaces has some great advantages. For example youi can machine a True Type text simply drawing it in the Cad Drawing, and importing it in a Cam Project! No further operation like Text exploding is required. 
  • After having imported the Objects from a Cad Drawing and having added the right Toolpath(s), you can create the Machining file. The approach of devCad is to specify all the formatting issue of the Machining file by a 'PostProcessing' file. A PostProcessing file is a text file (.CON) describing all the commands, variables and formatting as required by your CNC system.
    We offer a great number of PostProcessing files for all the most common controllers, but you can always create your own.
  • The Help file will teach you the basic steps to create you first machining file in a few minutes.
  Some examples of Toolpaths:

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