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DevStl Tools by the devCad Team


DevStl Tools, the new application to create Molds and apply boolean functions to STL files

devStl Tools is an application offered by the devCad Team. It includes a collection of tools for Stl files, like the creation of Molds and the boolean Union, Subtraction, Intersection operations.
You can open Stl files created by devFus Mold, Profili Pro (in the near future also from devWing Mold) or from other applications.
devStl Tools is a growing project, and will include more and more features...
The hobbyistic users of CNC machines and 3D printers often ask us for some special features, generally available only in expensive professional 3D packages (or not available at all).
As the commercial 3D software libraries available on the market are too poor or far too expensive, we started 2 years ago to develop our own Stl 3D library. This is a growing project, and new features and improvements will included as long as we see a good interest of our users.

The actual version includes:
  • A Doctor feature to view info, preview and (try to) repair unvalid Stl files.
  • Simple Offset and Mirror function fo Stl files.
  • Functions to move, rotate and scale a single file stl or a set of them.
  • Splitting of a stl solid in two or more parts.
  • Automatic splitting of a stl solid in more parts to machine it in small CNC machines or 3D printers.
  • Creation of regular solids.
  • Creation of Stl solids from a .p3D file of devFoam Pro. A license of devFoam Pro is not required
  • Creation of Stl Rotation solids using a section drawn in devCad. A license of devCad is not required
    You can create cylindrical or toroidal solids, appling also an elliptical rotation path.
  • Creations of Molds and plugs starting from a Stl file. A special Wizard with a step by step approach lets you to create complex Molds of different types, including the manual or automatic generation of reference Holes.
    See below a picture as an example of what you can make with devStl tools in just 1 minute:

  • Union, Subtraction, Intersection operations for Stl files. You can open 2 Stl files and apply in a very easy way the Union, Subtraction, Intersection operations, and see immediately the result.
    See below a picture as an example of the 3D preview:

  • Actually the application is available as a Beta release. More functions will be added as they are available, stay tuned!
  • To download devStl Tools see the Download section of the web site.
  • To get a license of devStl Tools see the Prices section of the web site. Or you can purchase a license of devFus Mold or devWing Mold, as these applications include devStl Tools
  • Other functions can be requested by users or by sponsors of the application.

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