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DevWing 3 by the devCad Team


DevWing 3, the new version of devWing, to draw ribbed wings

  • After about 3 years, we are proud to release the version 3 of the well known devWing LE 1, devWing 1 and devWing Cam 1.
  • During these years we collected suggestions and requests from our users, and finally we can offer a new version with many new and improved features.
  • You can see below a short list of the new features of version 3 and version 2.

   New features added in version 3

  Projects management

  Solid (balsa) wing


  Building tabs structure

  Negative ribs structure

  Many others little improvements

   New features added in version 2

  Improved 3D Preview

  2D Graphic input value procedure

  Fast re-scaling of a project

  Weight and size calculation of the wing

  General settings

  Leading edges

  Trailing edges


  Spars and Spar Wizards

  Aileron slots


  Geodetic ribs

  Building tabs

  Wing tip

  Cam features

  Many others little improvements

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