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DevFus 4 by the devCad Team


DevFus 4, the new version of devFus, to draw fuselages

  • After about 4 years, we released the version 4 of the well known devFus and devFus Cam applications.
  • During these years we collected suggestions and requests from our users, and finally we can offer them. We also included in devFus 4 and devFus Cam 4 the new technology used in devWing and devWing Cam, so the user interface is now more informative and easy to use.
    Now you can also import projects from devWing, to add Wing or Rudder slots and fairings.
  • Of course all the features of previous versions are still included. You can see below a short list of the new features added by each new version.

   New features added to version 4

  Projects management

  2D Graphic input value procedure

  Weight calculation of the fuselage

  Cam features

  Improved former interpolation and real circle formers.

  Improved boxes.

  Improved lateral sides.

  Wing slot improvements.

  New feature: Wing fairings.

  New feature: Rudder slots.

  New feature: Rudder fairings.

  New feature: Canopy slots.

  Many others little improvements

   New features added to version 3

  Slots at lateral sides/former crossings Panel

  Expert mode

  Full size and resizable pages for the Project wizard

  New improved 3D Preview

  Cam version: new improved Cutting wizard

  Many others little improvements

   New features added to version 2

  Improved control formers tracing

  Angled formers

  Wing slots

  Lateral sides customizations


  Shaped Spars

  Vertical and Horizontal Decks

  Formers holes customizations

  Enhanced 3D preview

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