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CreaCammeTornio by the devCad Team


CreaCammeTornio, the new application to create cams for Tornos lathes

A big company asked us to create a new application to solve an old problem.
Many companies still use old cams lathes to make rather simple jobs, but requiring many parts to be created at low cost. To do that often the modern Cnc Lathes are not the best solution. An old fashioned cams lathe can do the job at a very low cost and high rate. The biggest problem is to create the right cams to machine the part we need to create. You can find Companies doing that for you, but of course the cost is high and the required time can be long.
So we developed this new application!
The new Version 2 can manage multiple configurations and you can setup them for your M4, T4, T7, R7, R10 Tornos, and probably also for all other Tornos Lathes, as the Lathe geometry is now configurable by the user itself.
Using CreaCammeTornio you can import a DXF file describing the upper half section of the parts you want to create, and the application will create the right jobs to machine it.
You can then add other jobs like:
- Small head machining (Centrino)
- Dive machining
- Drilling
- Threading
For each job the application will create the right Steps, as you can see in the below picture:

You can then add pauses, modify the feed, optimize the moves and all what is required to create the right machining.
Now you can check the graphs of Jobs and Steps (see the below picture):

create the cams and export them to a DXF file:

Download the file  CreaCammeTornioEngSetup.exe and run it to install the demo version of CreaCammeTornio.
To have more info about this application or about cams lathes write to info@devcad.com

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