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DevWing by the devCad Team


DevWing, the innovative application to draw ribbed wings

  • Using DevWing you can create in a very simple way a ribbed wing drawing
  • The Project Wizard will drive you to draw and cut the ribbed wing using a step by step approach. No Cad skills are required!  Three versions of devWing are available, see the devWing features page
  • Drawing a ribbed wing with a complex wing plan, different airfoils and a lot of available elements is no more a problem. In just a few minutes you can have your drawing printed or the cutting path ready to be imported in your CNC milling machine.
  • By a 3D preview you can check every step of the creation of the wing, and go forth and back among the project wizard panels to retouch them.
  • DevWing Cam, the version of devWing with Cam features, can also create a Cam Drawing, compatible with devCad Cam Pro 2.
    Again, devCad Cam Pro 2 is not required, as its main features are included in devWing Cam 
  • To download devWing LE, devWing or devWing Cam see the Download section of the web site.
  • To get a license see the Prices section of the web site.

   A fast preview of devWing features 

  Wing plan drawing

You can draw a complex multipanel wing plan, also using a picture or DXF file as a reference backgrond
  Ribs definition and placement

You can create and place the ribs of each panel, with special functions to speed up this process
  Wing panel airfoils and settings

You can set here the airfoils and other settings as washout, dihedral and so on for each panel

You can set here the optional sheetings, also with a D-Box wizard
  Leading edge

You can set here the leading edge
  Trailing edge

You can set here the trailing edge
  Spars, jigs and other longitudinal elements

You can set here the spars, jigs or other longitudinal elements
  Aileron and flap slots

You can set here the aileron and flap slots, of different types

You can set here decks, optional elements like servo bay and so on
  Geodetic and angled ribs

You can create here geodetic and angled ribs, automatically using a wizard or manually
  Ribs lightening holes

You can apply lightening holes to ribs and geodetic ribs, automatically using a wizard or manually
  Building tabs

You can apply building tabs for different building strategies
  Wing tip

You can apply lightening holes to the wing tip
  CNC parts cutting

All the CNC/CAM features are included in devWing Cam version
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