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Schools and Universities

Products and services offered to Schools and Universities:

Since 1990, our applications have been used worldwide by many schools and universities.
We offer Cad, Cam, Cnc and analysis applications, for both general use and more specific tasks.
All our applications stand alone, they don't need other expensive applications to run, as we developed our Cad/Cam engine in-house.
The best way to introduce our application is by providing some examples of how it can be used:

Computed Aided Drawing - Cad, Cam, Cnc learning

If your institution includes computer technology laboratories where students learn in greater detail how a computer can help in drawing and machine parts, devCad Cam Pro 3 is a good starting point.
It offers full 2D Cad/Cam features, with a command syntax and file formats compatible with industrial standards.
In this way the student can learn how to draw a part, then create the working job to machine it in an inexpensive 3 axes Cnc milling machine. We can now find these machines on the market at a very low price, so introducing them in a laboratory is actually possible also with a low budget.

Foam cutting

We developed the devFoam series to cut Foam by a hot wire Cnc machine.
A typical foam cutting Cnc machine can move a straight hot wire suspended at its ends by 4 independent axes. In this way the hot wire can travel across a foam block to cut the material.
See image below (courtesy Foam Linx):

More complex machines can include a rotary table/lathe, and complete a more complex part.
The hot wire Cnc machines are inexpensive, silent and safe for people, making them a good choice for a computer technology laboratory.
The students can cut in a very simple manner, letters and texts, free parts, and also very complex parts at the end of their educational path.
The cut parts can also be used to build architectural scaled building, aero models components and other low cost parts.
Big software companies didn't offer special applications for foam cutting, so we started to develop them starting in 1990. We now can offer the most complete set of Foam cutting applications available on the market. This includes the special cnc application devCnc Foam, able to drive a machine with an Arduino controller (Arduino is an open source hardware system well known in educational world).

Aero modelling

Many institutes include Aero modelling in their courses, or like to compete against other national or international institutions in special aero modelling competitions.
The devCad team offers a full set of applications to draw and machine every part of an aero modeller (or also a little full-scale airplane!), according to different building techniques like wooden structures, foam, or high tech carbon fibre molded parts.
You can find the full product table here:

    Wings   Fuselages   Other parts...

devWing LE
devFus devCad LE
devCad Pro
   Cad + Cam
-3 axis milling Cnc

devWing Cam devFus Cam devCad Cam Pro
-Foam cutting by a 4 or 5 axis hot wire CNC
devWing Foam
devCnc Foam LE devCnc Foam devSim Cnc Foam
devFus Foam
devCnc Foam LE devCnc Foam devSim Cnc Foam
devFoam LE
devFoam Pro
devFoam 3D
devFoam 3DM
devCnc Foam LE devCnc Foam devSim Cnc Foam
-Creation of plugs and molds as STL files
devWing Mold devFus Mold devStl Tools

Airfoil analysis

We also developed Profili Pro, an application devoted to wing airfoils analysis, creation and improvement, well known by Universities, full scale airplane producers, wind power research companies and advanced aero modellers. Profili Pro also offers a virtual wind tunnel based on the well-known XFoil open source application, where you can analyse and test standard or customized airfoils.
See the Profili website for more information.

Software libraries, customization and technical advice

We can also offer for educational use, our 2D and 3D libraries as well as software consultancy in order to create new or customize existing applications depending on the requests of our customers.
We developed in house all the 2D and 3D engine, so we own all the source code with the possibility of customizing it to new requests or ideas.

If you have questions or require more information, please contact us via email at: info@devcad.com

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