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DevFus by the devCad Team


DevFus, the innovative application to draw fuselages

  • Using DevFus you can create in a very simple way a fuselage drawing
  • The Project Wizard will drive you to draw the fuselage using a step by step approach.
    To draw the fuselage Side and Top view you can for example adjust the Outlines to follow a scanned image of the fuselage: 
  • You can have also the 3D View of the fuselage, but no 3D drawing skill is required!
    See below an example:
  • You can also draw the parts to build a Jig Structure to help you to assemply the fuselage. No more drawing is requested to do that.
    See below an example:
  • The final result is a Cad drawing of the parts. This drawing is devCad compatible, but a devCad license is not required, as some devCad function to modify, save, export to DXF and print the drawing are included in devFus
    See below an example:
  • DevFus Cam, the version of devFus with Cam features, can also create a Cam Drawing, compatible with devCad Cam Pro.
    Again, devCad Cam Pro is not required, as its main features are inclused in devFus Cam 
    See below an example of the preview of cutting job of the Formers:
  • See the list of the features added to devFus version by version.
  • Try devFus, some fuselage examples are included, so you can learn how easy is to create your own fuselages taking a look at them.
    A step by step help file is also included
  • To download devFus and devFus Cam see the Download section of the web site.
  • To get a license of devFus or devFus Cam see the Prices section of the web site.
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