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devWing features by version

  devWing LE  devWing devWing Cam
   3D preview of every single step in Wing creation and modify 
   Smart setting of geometric values on the 2D Preview 
   Expert mode (fast navigation among wizard panels) 
   Expert mode (fast navigation among wizard panels) 
   Fast ReScaling of the Full project 
   Weight and size calculation 
   Parts exporting to DXF 
   Parts exporting to Cam files 
   Free Wing plan shape 
   Wing plan panels 
1 Multiple Multiple
   Wing tip management
   Optional background image to trace the wing plan
   Free ribs placement 
   Airfoils included 
>2300 >2300 >2300
   Airfoil modification 
   Half ribs management 
   Angled ribs
   Geodetic ribs
   Types of panel thickness transition 
1 3 3
   Types of ribs interpolation
1 2 2
   Types of washout transition
1 2 2
   Types of dihedral applications
1 3 3
   Generation of Sheetings as parts to draw/cut
   Leading edges types
5 5 5
   Trailing edges types
4 4 4
   Full featured spars
   D-Box with spar webbing
   Number of Spar/Jig Wizards available
1 8  8 
   Aileron/flap slots
   Automatic ribs lightening holes
   Web management in ribs lightening holes
   Ribs lightening holes customization 
   Automatic and manual lightening holes for other parts
   Building tabs
   Structure for Building tabs
   Negative ribs building structure
   Wing tip lightening holes 
   Wing tip ribs 
   Exceptions: you can select some ribs unaffected by Sheetings, LE, TE, Spars and Aileron slots 
   Cnc-Cam features
   GCode creation
   Parts nesting
   Multiple sheets on the cutting table
   Parts labeling and label engraving
   Cutting bridge management
   Corner overcut
   Cutting job simulation
   Stl preview and creation for all parts
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