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DevCad Cam Pro by the devCad Team


Simulating  Toolpaths and Machined material

After having included some Toolpaths, you can simulate the machining in a 3D View.

In this way you can check both the tool movement, and the shape of the machined material block. 
You can move forward-rear the tool, according its path, slow down or accelerate the simulation and so on.

You can see here some low res pictures of the 3D application devSim

A simple text machined by two Toolpath:

  • an Engraving (Machine Along Vector) toolpath with an Ogee Tool
  • an Area Clearance toolpath with a flat tool

You can also apply a wireframe model over the rendered Block:

Or also the Wireframe model alone:

An example of a Profiling toolpath, with Bridges:

A detail of a Bridge:

And the same with a rounding border toolpath, machined by a Machine Along Vector toolpath with an Ogee Tool:

A simple engraved text, machined by a Machine Along Vector toolpath with a V shaped Tool:


  Other Toolpath examples:

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