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DevCad Cam Pro by the devCad Team


Area Cleaning Toolpath

Here is an example of the Area Clearance function applied to a simple region, with two Islands inside.
devCad manages an undefined number of Island inside Regions.
This Region, the character 'B', has been drawn in a Cad Drawing document using the TEXT command, then copied & pasted into the Cam Project. That's All.


The Red lines show the real Area Cleaning toolpath, the Blue dotted lines the rapid Moves, and the Orange circles the plunge points of the Tool.
We can select between two different strategy of Area Cleaning. The above is the Raster one.
See below for the same Region cleared by the Offset strategy:


We can also select to have the preview of the real toolpath width:


In this case you can see the real area cleaned by the machining. As you can see we used here a too big milling tool, and two corners are uncleared.
See below how we can improve the result using a thinner milling tool:

Now also the corners are well machined.
The white dotted lines show the centerline of the real Toolpath.

  Other Toolpath examples:

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