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DevFoam 3 by the devCad Team

DevFoam 3, the new application to cut foam with a hot wire CNC

After almost 5 years, we are proud to release the version 3 of the well known devFoam application.
During these years we collected suggestions and requests from our users, and finally we can offer a new version with many new and improved features. Here is a short list:
  • Improved import of 'dirty' geometry from external files.
    Now the file, before being imported, is analyzed and chosen cleaning and error correction methods depending on the problems encountered.
  • Cutting parts from STL files using sections (Slices). The old-fashioned cutting system of STL files, in addition to requiring a fifth rotating axis, cannot physically make cuts of concave parts or with holes and recesses. The new Cut Sliced STL function 'slices' the part with horizontal cuts and thus creates a series of simple pieces to cut from the slab, either with cuts tapered or non-tapered, your choice. All these pieces will then be stacked for recreate the desired STL part.
  • 2 new methods to define Rotations for classic cutting of STL files via rotary axis. It is now possible to redefine the rotation angles, in order to concentrate them in the areas more appropriate, or use variable rotation angles, which follow the geometric shape of the part you want to obtain. The number of cuts (and therefore the processing time) is drastically reduced. and the result final is better. For both methods, automatic functions that generate rotations are also provided most appropriate, analyzing the geometry of the STL file.
  • 2 new methods to generate cutting files for non-tapered parts.
    Previous version had only one mode available, which resulted in cutting parts in multiple steps and without respecting the order from top to bottom. Many users for some time they had been asking me for a new way that cut one part at a time, starting from the highest parts.
    Version 3 now allows you to achieve this, both with normal cutting logic and grill logic.
    In grid mode in particular, the program searches in the first phase any grid in the way the parts are arranged, and cuts them respecting the logic of this grid.
  • Optional application of Grid Cut also to tapered parts.
These new features may not seem like a lot, but they took over 7 months of work, as it was necessary to invent new approaches and geometric patterns never used before. In most cases they can drastically change the user experience and the quality for the cut parts.

Below is a table describing the features enabled for each devFoam 3 version:

  devFoam LE devFoam devFoam Pro devFoam 3D devFoam 3DM
  • To download devFoam 3 see the Download section of the web site.
  • To get a license of devFoam 3 see the Prices section of the web site.
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