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DevCnc Foam by the devCad Team


DevCnc Foam, Mega2560 Naked - Parallel Port Interface

The Arduino Mega is a well know board.

The devCad Team developed a totally new Firmware, optimized for Arduino Mega.
This firmware will be stored inside Arduino Mega directly on devCnc Foam startup, when you select it as the actual controller.

Using this setup you can:

  1. Build your own controller, adding the preferred stepper drivers, limit switches and an optional HotWire management circuit/board.
  2. Build an Usb interface to an old parallel port controller

Build your own controller

This can be a good choice if you want for example to use more powerful stepper drivers, referred to the ones supported by the Ramps shield.
To do that You must just wire the right pins of Arduino Mega to your preferred stepper drivers, you can see the pin map table in the bottom side of this page.
You can also add separated limit switches for every axis, like for the Ramps case.
To optionally drive the Hotwire you can use the digital pin 8, and apply to it your circuit/board. It can be for example an electronic switch or a mosfet circuit. Read carefully the Arduino Mega data sheet.

Build an Usb interface to an old parallel port controller

If you own an old style parallel port controller, and you want to build an Usb interface, using this option is a simple way to go.
The pin out of Arduino Mega in this case follow the most common pin in of parallel port controllers, so the wiring is very simple, also a flat dupont 8 pin cable can be used.
According to your parallel port controller setup you can also wire its limit switches and Hotwire control, if available.
Of course check well the manual of your controller, to have the right setup.

Then, all what you must do is:

  • plug in the Arduino Usb port
  • select Arduino Mega2560 Naked - Parallel Port Interface in the "Controller type and output pins" page of the "Settings dialog"

At this point all the firmare setup will be performed by devCnc Foam, you must only set the right Steps per MM values of your Cnc, see the "Motors" page of the "Settings dialog".

You can find here more info about the pin out map of Arduino Mega:

XL step pin 23
XL dir pin 25
YL step pin 27
YL dir pin 29
XR step pin 31
XR dir pin 33
YR step pin 35
YR dir pin 37
A (rotary) step pin 39
A (rotary) dir pin 41
XL enable pin 22
YL enable pin 26
XR enable pin 30
YR enable pin 34
A (rotary) enable pin 38
XL limit pin 3
YL limit pin 2
XR limit pin 18
YR limit pin 19
HotWire pin 8

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