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DevCnc Foam by the devCad Team


DevCnc Foam, supported controllers

Actually the only supported controller is Theremino As long as we will make agreements with other Usb controller producers more controllers probably will be supported by devCnc Foam.
You can read more about the Theremino project here, it's a really interesting and innovative italian open source project.
The actual version of devCnc Foam supports both Theremino Master Usb V3 (10 pins) and V4 (12 pins)

The Theremino Master Usb module V3 (10 pins) and V4 (12 pins) (courtesy Theremino ):

The good piece of news is that Theremino Master Usb is not just a simple USB controller, and you can have different ways to use it:

Theremino as a ready to use controller like CobraUsb  

If you don't like to assemble your own controller, you can purchase a ready to use Usb controller that already includes the stepper drivers and is fully compatible with Theremino.
This controller is supplied by IdeeGeniali , it's fully tested with devCnc Foam, and is the simplest and safer way to start. IdeeGeniali and the devCad Team are partners, and the development of new and improved features will proceed hand by hand.

Theremino as the main board of the controller

If you like to assemble your own controller, you can just purchase a Theremino Master Usb module, and connect the stepper driver you prefer.
You can see here more detals about the way Theremino Master works, and how you can connect your preferred stepper drives. If you need more info you can also contact the Theremino team, they will be appy to help you.
To purchase your Theremino Master Usb module I suggest you to see the list of the certified Theremino module reseller, you can find it here. Also Theremino Store is now selling a Theremino Usb certified controller.


Theremino as an Usb interface to your parallel port controller  

If you already own a parallel port controller, and you want to migrate to a more efficient and easy to use Usb port (the parallel port is no more included in modern computers), you can build your own Usb to Parallel port interface using a Theremino Master Usb module.
You  can find here more details about how you can build it (just a matter of soldering some wires...).
Using this Usb interface your Cnc will work smoother, as now the timing part (the most critical part of a controller based on a parallel port) is no more performed by the computer, but by the internal quarzed clock of the Theremino Master Usb module.
Here below an image about a simple interface built using a Theremino Master Usb module (courtesy Theremino ):

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